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At Blush in our Sidmouth Beauty Salon we have been offering lightfusion treatments for a number of years - we highly recommend the treatments especially as a top up to your facial. 

Lightfusion™ as an advanced photofacial system that utilises light energy to alter biological activity in the skin for a younger, healthier complexion.

By exposing the skin to light of a specific wave length, this unique device helps to increase synthesis of collagen and elastin, improves blood flow and elements toxins from the skin to provide a comprehensive treatment thats betters health and appearance. 

Lightfusion™  is an excellent treatment to combine with other facials or peels for amazing results.

Please see the FAQ below for information and prices.

Frequently asked questions

What is lightfusion™?

Lightfusion™ is a professional grade light emitting diode device for the treatment of periorbital wrinkles and pigmented skin. It helps reduce pore size, improve skin tone and texture and gives a vibrant healthier looking skin after just one treatment. It’s a natural, non-invasive, painless treatment suitable for all skin types and conditions.

What is a lightfusion™ photofacial?

lightfusion™ photofacial combines state of the art LED technology and a specially formulated hydrogel mask. lightfusion™ has been designed to deliver light directly to the skin, ensuring that the maximum amount of light hits its cellular targets and is not wasted. Combined with a proprietary Hydrogel Mask developed specifically to transmit light and impregnated with active ingredients such as marine collagen that is absorbed into the skin, superior results can be seen after just one session. The photofacial is completed at home with the addition of a sleep recovery cream. Applied at night on the day of the photofacial the sleep recovery cream benefits from the effects of the light that carry on working hours after the treatment.

Is suitable lightfusion™  for all skin types?

Because lightfusion™ creates no heat it's suitable for all skin types, and is clinically proven to treat fine lines, hyperpigmentation, improve skin tone and texture and reduce inflammation.

How does lightFusion™  work?

lightFusion™ uses two clinically proven wavelengths of light 633nm or red light and 830nm or near infra red light. These wavelengths have been shown repeatedly in clinical studies to be absorbed by cells stimulating ATP the energy source of the cell and and a cascade of cellular processes that stimulate collagen and elastin production and improve blood flow and tissue oxygenation helping skin cells absorb topical skincare products. In addition red and infrared light helps reduce inflammation, accelerate wound healing and help reduce brown spots and pigmentation.

Can I treat other area of the my body?

Yes, the face panels can be used to treat the décolletage area and other parts of the body such as the abdomen. lightfusion™ can be combined with other body treatments.

Is it claustrophobic?

No, unlike other LED systems that surround the face this device is specifically designed to deliver a comfortable photofacial to the skin, it does not cover the eyes or feel heavy on the skin.
The LEDs used are the first of their kind to deliver two wavelengths at the correct energy from one diode, making the device lightweight and enabling treatment times to be reduced to just 10 minutes.

Can I combine lightfusion™ with other treatments?

Yes, lightfusion™ will enhance and accelerate the results from other treatments. You can combine lightfusion™ with existing facials, microdermabrasion and peels. Because lightfusion™ builds healthy skin from the inside out it compliments other treatments that work in other ways.


Session (30 minutes) £50 Add on to exisiting treatment - ie Facial. Treatment adds (15 minutes) £20